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Pigmentists who want to grant their customers a successful “permanent makeup” should get to know the topic “color” very well. Which dyes are available, how to create the desired shades; how well do certain colors harmonize in interaction with each other and most importantly – how do they ultimately react in the skin?

Coloressense Pigments symbolize Micropicmentation on an high end level including unreached Color-Shading Safety. Skip the times when colors turned in a way it has never been wanted – what you see is what you get !

Dramatically different – artistically perfect !

The handling and color-variety of the Coloressense Shadings will fulfill the dreams of every pigmentist. Just apply them non-watered on the skin and see. It is as simple as using make-up or coloring your hair. Re-working is almost never necessary due to long-lasting brilliance, a clear definition and durability. Color stable shadings without any changes. RED ? Only if you want it ! Warm colors without any fear of orange left over’s – and a brown that stays brown. Achieve unrevealed delicate and sharp differentiated Hair-drawing. After applying the color, the skin seems to pull itself back again in a minute – it´s magic!

  • no heavy metals

  • no nickel

  • no PAH

  • no NDELA

  • sterile and tested multiple times

  • vegan and halal

  • no animal testing

  • IT-supported formula

  • even pigment grain size

  • continuous quality management